The Pun According to Luke Hersheson this season is all about the hair understatement “Right now traditional, ‘done’ blow-outs look tired and try-hard whereas the hair understatement carefully treads the line between over-styled and under–styled hair and, this is not a period of un-done hair or bed head hair – the hair is professionally styled, it just doesn’t look like it is”. A casual but crafted hair understatement that works for all hair types is The Pun – half ponytail, half bun – as created by Luke at the Jonathan Saunders A/W 2015 show. The Pun will be available as a limited edition look
 on the menu at Hershesons Blow Dry Bars for the month of December. If you want to try it yourself, here’s how... 1/ Tie your hair in a ponytail and divide into two sections using Hershesons clear snagless bands - £6.50 2/ Knot the sections as if you beginning to tie a shoe-lace. 3/ Wrap the knot around itself like a bun and pin/grip in place. 4/ Play; take the final look into your own hands and gently tease out for a personalised take on the trend.