With a distinct feel of autumn and back to school vibes in the air, French Balayage is fast becoming the hair colour to book now.

What is it?

French Balayage takes its cue from Parisian beauty codes; it’s a fresh update on traditional balayage that involves hand-painting warm, coppery tones to dark hair. It’s ideal for this time of year, when we’re about to transition into autumn, and you want to shake up your look – with a soft, subtle tweak.

Copper is having a real moment right now. It’s deeper and warmer than golden or beige tones, plus doesn’t require bleaching the hair so light. This means we can get gorgeous, low maintenance colour that still respects the hair’s natural health and shine,” says James S, a pro colourist at our Knightsbridge space. 

What are the advantages?

Like all balayage, the beauty of this technique grows out looking super natural, meaning you can feel free to leave it a while between appointments. Keep the copper tone vibrant by coming in for a gloss treatment and blow dry every few weeks. Book in for a root touch-up around every six weeks. 

How does it work with my cut?

We love how French Balayage lends brunettes a gorgeous depth and definition, but remains really natural. It’s great for softening the ends of your hair and enhancing any layers – especially around your face. Think of it like adding a super soft contour to your cheekbones; it brings out your best bits and lifts your look overall.

Who does it work on?

The warm, coppery tones mean French Balayage tends to work best on mid to dark brown hair. In terms of cut, it’s great for adding texture and depth to bobs; and will create the illusion of more shape in mid-length to long hair. As you can see from the @tripletsss, the soft, subtle nature of the lights makes it super versatile in terms of styling too. You can wear it with a centre parting, flick your hair to one side – or use it to bring your fringe to life. 

See it in action...

Who do I book?

Make James, Jenna or Jason your go-to for your new French Balayage.