Long Cuts never go out of fashion. And, contrary to popular opinion, they have no age limit. But, the devil is in the detail.

With a few tiny tweaks and finely–tuned details here and there, your stylist can tailor your long look to your hair type, face shape, styling routine and vibe – and even make your fine hair look fuller. So, it never falls flat on your hair or hangs like two heavy curtains.

So, if you want to switch–up your look without losing your length, here’s our favourite new Long Looks of the season.

1. Old Money

Classic, chic, sophisticated yet nonchalant in a natural kind of way: think Rosie Huntintgon–Whiteley and Claire Rose’s big, soft blowout (you can find our masterclass on how to achieve this at home right here). We love the solid length (which gives the impression of fullness) and long, long layers which give it face–framing shape, so it still feels effortless. For even more dimension and a classically chic vibe, we like to add some babylights using balayage in creamy or honeyed shades.

For maximum fullness and movement, this look is all about the blowout. This hairdryer does most of the hard work for you (we love to pair it with a L or XL round brush to create that body). As the ultimate multi–tasker, Zhoosh Foam is also your best friend: apply it before drying to amplify blowout, then revive your hair over the next few days when you scrunch Zhoosh into mid–lengths and rub it into your roots.

2. The Ghost Cut

For more built–in shape and the illusion of volume, model Emily Ratajkowski’s Ghost Cut is a masterclass in getting your hair to frame your face and accentuate your bone structure. The secret here is the invisible layers, which create that shape, but still remain soft, fluid and easy. This is the way to fake more definition, without having to compromise by losing your length. You could even add a no–fringe fringe or curtain bangs to enhance that shape and lend your look more of a Parisian girl vibe.

For zero–effort styling, you can apply Almost Everything Cream (to kill frizz) and Air Dry Spray using one of these four techniques (for natural tousle) and be out the door in minutes.