Long hair? Here’s our guide to layered hairstyles

Long hair? Here’s our guide to layered hairstyles


While the world has fallen head over heels for shorter hairstyles, like the bob, many of our clients are faithfully sticking to their longer hair. And why not? Longer hairstyles are incredibly versatile, universally flattering and can be worn up or down easily – you can nail pretty much every styling trend when you’ve got lots of hair.

The only problem is that those with longer styles can sometimes feel they have few options when it comes to getting their hair cut (or styling it). They want a change, but they don’t want to cut all their hair (which took a while to grow) off. The answer, we tell them at Hershesons, lies in playing around with layers and different types of bangs. Instead of looking at the cut from a length perspective, we look at it in terms of shape.


A good hairstylist (see Hershesons’ A-star team here) will be able to advise on what works best for your face shape and hair type, but one of the most popular looks in salon are feathered, face-framing layers that graduate from the front of the hair down towards the ends. Super subtle, they can be cut to draw attention to the areas of the face that need it, while also being low maintenance and easy to style. They’re also great if you like a textured, lived-in look.


We also love adding in a curtain bang around the face – which works great with longer hair. Sweeping softly into the hair, we generally advise starting the bangs at a focal point of the face (maybe that’s eyes, or cheekbones) and segueing them into the rest of the cut. Easy to style, blow dry the fringe down over the face using our Pro Blow Dry Brush and Great Hairdryer, then separate. Once dry, it’ll fall back into place and look effortlessly undone. Bangs like these look excellent when the hair is up too.


For those with rounder faces, we always like incorporating a longer layer through the front of the hair, which can help to elongate. If you’re someone who is super low maintenance, a longer layer is a good idea because it can be tied up into an up-do, as well as look good when down.


In long, curly hair, layers are essential for adding volume and oomph to curls – pair with a fringe for a shag-style effect. And never forget the power of your colour to elevate layers or create a multi-dimensional look, even if your haircut is relatively simple. Playing with the natural darker shades in the hair, many colourists intersperse a few lighter babylights to add the illusion of depth.