We’re all about breaking outdated hair rules to give you the hair you want – in a straightforward way. And this week, I’ve been thinking about one myth in particular: that you can’t have long hair past a certain age.

Not only is this nonsense, but I believe long hair can feel natural, effortless, youthful and relevant – no matter what you age.

Here’s 7 reasons why…

Long Hair is ageless

Some time ago, women used to reach a certain age and think they had to cut their hair to bob–length or shorter. The truth is, that as long as your stylist cuts it well and you maximize the health and condition of your hair, you can look great with long hair at every age.


Long Hair is empowering

See Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie in And Just Like That, Amal Clooney, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence…I could go on. For these women, long hair is a key part of their look and identity. It’s almost part of their power. So, if long hair gives you confidence, don’t let anyone tell you that you need to cut it off.


Long Hair is youthful

Not for nothing are social media hair trends such as the hush cut, the butterfly cut and the octopus cut all about long hair. Long hair never goes out of style – as long it’s cut well, with great shape and movement. With its effortless, child–like quality, there’s something about long hair that feels eternally youthful.


Long Hair requires a Great Cut

What tends to put people off having long hair is that it can look flat and shapeless. The key to this is a Great Cut. Invisible layers, face–framing sections, curtain bangs and 90s bangs are all great ways of creating built–in shape and body and reducing your styling time. Sometimes, this dry cutting technique can really help enhance your long hair’s natural texture and movement, so it never falls flat again.


Long Hair loves multi–dimensional colour

To boost your cut and really bring out its shape, so your long hair doesn’t just fall like two heavy curtains, some bespoke balayage is a bonus. By hand–painting the colour onto the hair in just the right places, your colourist can contour your look, so it feels multi–dimensional and full of life.

Long Hair is easy to style

And last but not least, let’s debunk the myth that long hair has to be high maintenance, requiring hours and endless products to style. This simply is not the case. In fact, build your wardrobe of products right, and you’ll find that long hair is just as simple and versatile to style as mid–length cuts or bobs. To get started, I recommend using Almost Everything Cream as a primer for everyday styling. It not only beats frizz, but it’ll keep your hair looking well–hydrated and healthy.


Long Hair can be full of body and volume

If your long hair has a tendency to fall flat, you can always rub some Zhoosh Foam into the roots of wet or dry hair to give it some lift. If you want more body and polish, The Great Hairdryer is the fastest way to get a professional–looking blow dry back home. Check out these blow dry masterclasses and you can adapt your drying technique to the look you want to achieve.