If you have long hair, there's a good chance that every now and then, you want to shake up your look – without losing your length. You might also love your long hair – but wish it didn’t take hours and endless products to style.
The only problem is that many people have long hair that’s all one length. This can end up looking shapeless, lifeless – and make your hair look thinner and flatter.

This new Long Look is the solution to adding instant shape that requires minimal styling and lets you keep your length.

What’s the inspiration?

Kate Moss and Amber Valetta in their supermodel days. This long-haired look hints at nostalgia and fits right into the current trend for all things 90s.

What’s the look?

Long hair uplifted with soft, buttery ends and a longer–than–usual fringe that frames the face and adds to the overall impression of length.

How do you cut it?

Using a razor rather than scissors helps me keep the hair tips super soft and fluid so they feel full of life and shape, but, again, remain long. Unlike traditional fringes and curtain bangs, the face–framing layers on this look hit just between the nose and chin. They're then seamlessly blended into the sides of the hair to make the look feel effortless and natural.

What’s the best way to style it?

A Great Cut creates a great foundation, which means you can keep your styling time and products to a minimum. To achieve this Long Look, I like to twist some Almost Everything Cream into the lengths of the hair while it’s still wet to kill any fluffiness and hydrate dry ends. I’ll then work some Zhoosh Foam through the lengths and into the roots for a little more oomph that really shows off the shape of the cut.