Bobs are eternal: we know that for sure. From short bobs to longer bobs and Hailey Bieber–style boyfriend bobs; tousled bobs to bobs with chunkier ends. There really is a bob for everyone. 

Yet, if you want to take your bob to the next level, adding colour is the simplest way. Because, a Great Cut makes your colour work harder – and vice versa. And the perfect example is this season’s trending Little Blonde Bob.


So, what is it?

This bob sits in the middle of the neck, somewhere between your ears and shoulders to help contour your face and enhance your jawline. Its defining characteristics are the consciously chunky ends (which give it strength) and slight kick–out at the tips (which lend it softness). The white–blonde colour works in sync with the cut by enhancing its graphic shape to exude killer confidence. 



How is it cut?

Our expert stylists cut this chunky bob with a razor to create that heavy baseline and build–in natural shape, so you don’t have to spend hours styling it. Bypassing scissors in favour of a razor also helps achieve the slight kick–out at the tips for added playfulness and movement.

“To complete this bob, I add invisible layers into the hair throughout. This stops it from becoming triangular and dated, so it feels fresh and effortless.” – Luke Hersheson



How do I style it?

Applying a pump of Almost Everything Cream before blow drying or air drying will help smooth out frizz while enhancing your hair’s natural texture and movement. The added bonus of this look is it versatility: it looks great in a centre part, but also benefits from flicking the front section over to one side for a little extra height.



How does the colour work with the cut?

As any great colourist will tell you, carefully–considered colour is the perfect way to add shape and definition to your cut. Often, balayage can enhance your layers and make your hair look fuller. For this blonde bob, John was inspired by Courtney Love, Debbie Harry and model Abbey Lee to take the colour from a creamy tone to a white–blonde that elevates the look overall.