Anyone else spend all day dreaming of holidays right now? After the year we’ve had, it’s pretty much all we can think of.

Yet, whether you’re heading for sandy beaches, lapping pools, a countryside location – or simply a swim in your local lido, your sun can easily come a cropper.

Most common summer hair issues

⟶ Dry, frizzy, sun-parched ends
⟶ Greasy roots
⟶ Salty, tangled lengths
⟶ Colour fade + green chlorine tints

So, we asked Hershesons experts for their top 7 tips ton how to get the Great Holiday Hair you deserve.

1. Protect your hair from the sun, sea and sand

We like to think that we’re pretty good at protecting our skin from sun damage and premature ageing. But when it comes to our hair, it’s easy to get a bit lazy. Try a sun protection spray – or create a barrier to sun, sea and sand by applying a water and UV-resistant mask (like Philip Kingsley Swimcap) or some Almost Everything Cream in the morning. Then rinse it out when you get home from the pool or beach.

2. Rock a twist

When it comes to the dreaded green chlorine tinge, the safest option is to avoid getting your hair in the pool altogether by tying it up. Skip braids (they’re cute but prone to tangling) – and twist your hair into a topknot instead. You’ll get effortless beachy waves later – and avoid ruining your highlights.

3. Give the silver shampoo a miss

As tempting as it sounds to pack a silver shampoo to combat colour fade and brassiness – don’t. Remember that your skin tone will change while you’re on holiday, and a silver shampoo may affect your colour in unpredictable ways that really don’t go with your new tan. Just keep your hair protected and well-hydrated – then our colourists will give your highlights or balayage a zhoosh when you’re back home.

4. Try this detangling trick

If your hair is wind-whipped, crunchy and tangled with salt, brush your hair with this soft bristle brush before you get in the shower or bath. Then try a pre-shampoo (Kérastase Soin Premier Thérapiste is a game-changer for knots) and comb it through with this detangling brush. Shampoo and condition as normal – or better still, use a moisturising mask. Your hair will be silky smooth in no time.

5. Skip the dryer and do this…

Leave the tools at home – your hair (and suitcase) will thank you for it. Being exposed to sun, sea and sand already puts your hair at risk of damage – so using heat tools will only make things worse. Instead of using a hairdryer – or a hotel towel – take a microfibre turban with you. Wrap your hair in it as soon as you emerge from the shower, and it'll prevent frizz, damage and breakage. Then apply Almost Everything Cream, air dry – and go. Holidays are for easy-breezy effortless hair that feels like you. Not wasting half your time with your straighteners.

6. Go from day to night without shampooing

Anyone else spend every evening washing their hair whenever they’re on holiday? The dry, salty ends and frizz leftover from the beach or pool means most of us shampoo our hair far more often than we ever would at home. And, while it's advisable to wash out any pool water and salt, sometimes you’ve got evening plans – and no time to waste.

If your ends are dry and frazzled from a day in the sun, smoosh a couple of pumps of Almost Everything Cream into the mid-lengths and ends to add instant hydration. Use some dry shampoo on the roots if it's greasy from all that sunscreen, and brush your hair through. Twist your hair and wind it into a bun on the crown of your head. Leave the bun in for as long as you can while you get ready for your evening – then release and scrunch. Voila – easy texture and movement without needing to wash.

7. Book ahead

Naturally, we want you to take care of your hair on holiday. But life is too short to worry about it all the time. Remember to pre-book your cut and colour before you head off, and you can relax knowing we'll nix any dry split ends or colour mishaps as soon as you're home.