How to wear the flicked bob

How to wear the flicked bob

Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez at Schiaparelli’s haute couture show last week, or Hailey Bieber all over our Instagrams, we’re pretty obsessed with the flicked bob right now.

A new celebrity favourite – Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ayo Edibiri have also tried the trend – the flicked bob features slightly kicked-out ends in an otherwise simple cut. It’s fresh, cool and a great style to see you through the rest of winter, and then spring thereafter.


“It’s a nice little switch-up to the tousled bobs we’ve gotten so used to,” says Luke. “It’s an easy trick to try to completely transform your bob, without doing much at all.” It all starts with a good cut, of course – the flicked bob works best with really chunky ends.

“There’s a tiny bit of layering towards the ends – the technical term is ‘graduation’ – and we lift the hair while we’re cutting it, which encourages the hair to flick out naturally on its own.


Luke makes a clear distinction between hair that’s overly flicked and has a slight kick – the latter is preferable to prevent the style looking overly done or too fussy.

“The key to making it work lies in using a hair tong or straightening iron to gently kick out the ends, so that it’s subtle and not hugely flicky,” he says. “Avoid using a big round brush at all costs.”

A great trick to try on all face shapes and even if your hair is slightly longer, the “kick” is an easy way to instantly toughen up your look. We’re obsessed.