How to rock Hailey Bieber’s Bob


Hailey Bieber’s Bob seems to have captured the zeitgeist, summing up what many women want from their hair. It’s cool but effortless, comes with its own built–in shape – and brings some nostalgic hints of the 90s.

The beauty of this bob is its simplicity. But don’t be deceived: if you want your stylist to recreate it on you, it helps to get specific about exactly how this look works. 

Firstly, this look is all about the chunky ends and particular length. It needs to sit around jaw height (not in the space around your neck and shoulders, which will change the style completely). Skip layering, but keep the front long to create that built–on shape. It’s a great cut if you want to air dry and go – or simply slick it back off your face.

Finally, because the shape is simple but versatile, it tends to suit all face shapes and hair types. So why not give it a try?