During the winter time, it’s not only our skin that feels the pinch. Seasonal elements such as the wind and the moisture-sapping cold chill can affect our hair dramatically so it’s important that you protect your hair to prevent chipping, tangling and breakage at the roots. As specialists in the industry, Hershesons have a range of products that will not only combat dehydrated hair but will also help to protect your locks from the elements. protectingyourhair Here’s how you can rescue your hair during the cold snap: Tie your hair up If you want to make sure your hair won’t be affected by the cold wintery weather, why not tie it up in a stylish up-do to give it a break every few days? If you are used to wearing your hair down why not experiment with the Hershesons hair pins, grips, or hair bands in order to create a top knot or stylish bun? Avoiding Hat Hair Whether it’s a stylish beret or a vintage style fur hat, make sure you use a finishing product on your hair before you leave the house. This will ensure that your hair keeps it’s volume beneath your hat and does not become flat over the course of the day. If you know your hair will end up looking like a frizz bomb, why not tame it into a stylish halo plait or low bun so that your hair looks immaculate even when you take the hat off indoors. Use professional heated stylers Using good quality heated styling tools will not only help you to achieve salon-worthy styles but will also ensure that your hair doesn’t become damaged in the process. Try to use heated styling tools that will improve the condition and shine of your hair such as the Hershesons Professional Ionic hairdryer. This hairdryer uses negative ions that reduce the size of water droplets on wet hair and radiate heat inside the hair without drying it out during the winter months. A quick and simple way to reduce the heat impact on your hair is to turn down the temperature settings temporarily until the weather improves. Hershesons have a range of hair styling products and hair pieces that will help to enhance your look this winter.