How to nail every kind of beachy texture

How to nail every kind of beachy texture

There’s no easier way to achieve beachy texture than with the help of our new Wand. The perfect size for all manner of different looks – not to mention they ensure curls stay put – it’s the perfect tool for effortlessly undone hair this summer.

Our favourite kinds of beachy texture? See below, with some tips on how to nail the look, courtesy of our stylists.



The easy bend 

True to its name, the easy breezy bend couldn’t be simpler to achieve. A great technique to add detail to bobs or face-framing layers in longer hairstyles, adding a few bends takes minutes and can lend a mussed-up finish to your style. All you have to do is bend each section of hair around a section of the wand, hold for a second or two, then let go.

Bonus tip: Prep hair with Zhoosh for grit and texture.


The classic beach wave

Looking like you just walked off a beach is a great idea, even in the depths of summer, which is why we love the classic beach wave. To create the look, make sure your hair is in good nick and optimally moisturised – our Almost Everything Cream can help prep, prime, nourish and style, so it’s worth adding to your routine for all sorts of looks. When it comes to using the tong, wrap the hair away from the face around the hairline for a flattering look, but be sure to alternate directions throughout the rest of the hair for an undone, more natural appearance – too uniform and you risk looking too “done”.

Bonus tip: For extra curl staying power, hold for 15 seconds and release, then allow to curl in whatever form it takes – you can brush out with your fingers afterwards.


The tousled curl 

Okay, so this is a day-two beach wave – those that have been slept on but enjoy a new life of their own the following day. They’re not to be sniffed at. Given the staying power of curls you’ll get via our Wand, you’ll find you achieve excellent tousled curls in the days after; all you need to do is know how to amp it up, and for that we give you our dry powder-foam, Zhoosh. A great way to revive day 2, 3 and – if you can make it – 4 hair, apply and rub it in to the mid-lengths and ends for effortless definition.

Bonus tip: End with a little Almost Everything Cream for a high-shine finish.