There are some styles that we all want to nail – but somehow never quite get there. 

Mermaid Waves

Case in point: Mermaid Waves – how do celebrities make them so lush and full – when ours look so limp and fragile? Answer: you need some of these to add natural-looking volume and a bizarre looking tool straight out of the ‘80s. The secret sauce to getting it bang on lies in the flat, ‘S’ shape wave that makes your cheekbones pop.

Check it out right here…

Soft ‘n Messy Topknots

Now, let’s talk topknots shall we? As Luke Hersheson explains, when celebrities look like they just threw their hair up for the red carpet, it actually took him hours to make it look so “effortless”. Long and short of it, you’ll need this brush to blow dry the front forwards and the back backwards, before you create your bun. Adding a loose wave with these curling tongs also gives you soft and wispy bits that frame your face – so you look like you haven’t tried at all. We’ll walk you through it here…


Cool Girl Ponies

If a pony is that thing you do with your hair when it’s a bit dirty and just won’t play ball, we’re here to raise your game. A high, swishy, fully pony comes with a few trade secrets. A bit of backcombing and a clip in will get you off to a racing start. We’ll see you at the finish line over here…


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