How to get your hair to grow thicker, longer and stronger

How to get your hair to grow thicker, longer and stronger

One of the most asked hair-care questions on Google?

How to get hair to grow faster and thicker. Is it too much to ask that we’re all well-endowed with voluminous, long, swishy hair?


Apparently so, which is why sometimes it takes some understanding of how hair growth works – and some tricks of the trade – to ensure we’re doing all the right things to encourage healthy lengths.

The first thing to know is that our hair grows in three stages, with many of our follicles producing hair at different rates – however, at any time, an average scalp may have 90 per cent of its follicles in the anagen phase, the active growth stage, which can last between three and 10 years.

The other two phases – catagen and telogen – represent the 2-3 week phase where hair stops growing, and then the 3-4 month resting phase where the hair falls out, respectively.

It’s normal for up to 150 strands of hair to fall out each day.

We can’t switch these phases on or off by anything we do, but what we can do is help our bodies promote healthy hair growth during the anagen phase by doing a few things to ensure the body is working well and taking care of the hair already on our heads.

Here are some practical tips on how to ensure your hair grows as long and as healthily as it can.

Get a trim

‌Yes, you’ve heard it before, but getting a trim really does help hair grow long and healthy as it stop ends from getting to the point where they break off, cue shorter hair.

Try and book in a small snip every eight to 10 weeks for best results – or simply gauge when your hair needs it.

Eat a balanced diet

‌Hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein, so make sure you’re eating a balanced diet that comprises healthy sources of protein and biotin to ensure cells have what they need to fuel growth.

Dedicated supplements can also help, but it all starts with a good diet.

Leave hair alone where possible

‌Try and avoid using heat tools every day as this can impact hair health, causing breakage.

When you do use heat, make sure you protect hair with a heat protectant, such as our Air Dry Spray or Almost Everything Cream.

Look at what you’re sleeping on

‌Cotton pillowcases create friction against the hair, so swap for silk pillowcases (and hair ties) to ensure there is nothing harsh causing breakage. (They also look and feel great too!)

Nourish your hair

‌We always recommend incorporating weekly nourishing hair masks to hydrate and fortify the hair shaft, retain length and improve elasticity.

Also incorporate a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Try scalp massage

‌While it’s not technically true that scalp massage can boost circulation, what it can do is alleviate stress.

When we’re stressed, the available nutrients in our body don’t usually go to our hair, but other vital organs instead, so maintaining a sense of calm can do wonders for hair growth.