gym hair Have you ever skipped a morning class at the gym in favour of a ‘good’ hair day? We thought so, but don’t worry so have we! That’s why we’ve devised a post-workout hair plan so you can still look on-point for the day ahead despite going all out at the gym. We’ve tried and tested each of these three styles from a heavy sweat session on the treadmill, to the morning commute, and finally to our desk without having to re-tie or re-pin a god-damn thing. Our aim – to create super cool but secure styles that you can just totally forget about.


The ponytail or ponytail/bun hybrid is our hair wardrobe mainstay for a reason. It's easy, looks great and it gets the job done. But as it’s everybody's go-to style it’s in need of a serious update so give your old ‘toss-up-and-go’ ponytail a shove and try this one on for size. invisible ponytail Solution >>> Take your ponytail to the next level with Hershesons Invisible Ponytail. It still serves its purpose but in at least 7 different ways!


No time/patience for tricky braids at 6am? We don’t blame you. If this idea sounds a little high-maintenance why not TWIST IT instead. We’re sold on the simplicity of this style … it has MAJOR appeal. essentials Solution >>> Secure your style with Hershesons trusty grips or bands - they live in cute travel-friendly tins so they won't get lost in locker room.


We’re all too aware that bad-ass braids don’t belong in every work place which is why we have a softer alternative that’s still a killer take on your typical plait. It will hold through even the most strenuous of workouts and when you take it down after-hours you'll have perfect waves to play with – game on! the braid Solution >>> Check out our braid tutorials for more ideas... Be inspired!