How to get the hair flip at home

How to get the hair flip at home

One look that we can’t get enough of is the hair flip, which works best on shorter cuts, like the bob. A little kick at the ends of the hair, the flip makes all the difference to the way a short cut is styled – it’s a small detail with a big impact.



Part of getting this look right is about the haircut, says Luke.

“You need a fairly blunt, chunky end, but the thing that really gives the style movement and texture are invisible layers through the underneath section – it takes a lot of the weight out from the centre of the hair.” 

- Luke Hersheson

Where the hair is thickest, at the nape of the neck, your hairstylist needs to thin out the hair to allow for movement, rather than creating a classic, graphic bob.

Cut aside, Hadid’s method to create the flip couldn’t be easier. After applying a little styling cream (our Almost Everything Cream would be perfect for this) and some hair oil, Hadid parts her hair in the middle, then pulls it back into a tiny ponytail.

Once it’s dry, she lets it out and has a natural flip. Shared in a video, created with her hairstylist Chris MacMillan, the easy hack couldn’t be easier.

Why not try it?