The bob, although a classic, comes in many different varieties. There’s long bobs, short bobs, bobs with fringes and bobs that have been specially designed for curly hair. A bob is what we all turn to when we’re fed up with (or simply don’t suit) long hair, yet can’t fathom taking the plunge with a pixie cut. Bobs are a definitive style, but mustn’t feel overdone – or require a whole lot of styling.

Just when we thought we’d covered every which way with a bob, Luke Hersheson reimagined the style with this 2022 update for Keira Knightley. Here’s why it may just look great on you too… 

What is it?

The Keira bob is all in the chunky ends. In classic Hershesons style, it’s also super simple (you know how we hate to overcomplicate things), giving it a definitive shape that feels simultaneously boyish and feminine.

How does it work?

Unlike other bob types, it’s very very slightly shorter at the front. This avoids that ‘90s feel and instead, makes it seem modern, edgy and a little bit French.

Does it work on all hair types?

Sure, curly hair may struggle with this look. On the other hand, the Keira bob adds a great shape to fine hair. If your hair is on the thicker side, we’d take some weight out of the underneath section to lend your look that modern Parisian vibe and avoid it turning into a triangle. 

How to style it?

The beauty of this look is it's best air-dried. A smidge of Almost Everything Cream applied when wet will prevent frizz and bring out any natural movement or texture. To achieve Keira’s graphic look, you can apply AEC and rake your hair backwards with your fingers –or even use our Everyday Essentials Brush. The tuck behind the ears provides the final flourish.