If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that we talk about getting “Great Hair” pretty much every week. I’ve been thinking about that phrase a lot recently: what it means and how we aim to help everyone achieve it.

I know the concept can be a confusing one. Is it a specific cut or look? Does it only work on certain people? And what on earth does one do to get it?

To cut out the confusion and through the hair myths, this is my philosophy – built on decades’ worth of experience working with our salon clients, A–listers, models and on magazine shoots – about what it means to have Great Hair. Here’s my 7 commandments of really Great Hair.


1. Great Hair isn’t a single look

It’s not a cut, a trend or a single style (because that would be dull, now wouldn’t it?). It’s more about making the best of what you have – then amplifying it to greater effect.

2. Great Hair has Great Shape

Adding invisible layers and face–framing pieces are some of our signature moves at Hershesons. We like to think of your hair like a picture frame in that it brings out your eyes, cheekbones or jawline.

3. Great Hair has Great Movement

This does not mean straightening it into submission, tonging the hell out of it or spending your life trying to recreate the perfect salon blow dry. It means smoothing a little frizz, or adding some root lift, or enhancing your natural texture to make your hair look full of life.

4. Great Hair doesn’t require endless products

In fact, we’re pretty sure you need a frizz–fighter, a volumiser and an amazing daily brush. The cut and shape do the hard work for you, so intelligently–formulated, multi–tasking products can provide the cherry on the cake.

5. Great Hair doesn’t take ages to style

In fact, some of the Greatest Hair we’ve seen is created with this Air Dry Kit. Even if you want your hair to look a little more polished, this 5–minute blow dry technique should have you out of the door without wasting hours on styling.

6. Great Hair is about a feeling

Once you’ve got the cut, shape and effortless styling perfected, Great Hair exudes confidence and ease. It looks put together, but not too done – like you woke up with it naturally. It’s non–fussy yet super–empowering.

7. Great Hair is for everyone

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or hair type. We like to break all the outdated hair rules, so we only ever give you cuts, colour and styling products that help you feel like the best version of yourself – and never what someone else looks like.