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The thing about hair colour is that it’s a total dealbreaker. Subtle or statement, a hint of a highlight or a power pastel hue; the point is that when it’s right for you, your whole look suddenly sings.

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Conversely, when it's wrong, it's horrid. Such a big difference, so many options; the world of hair colour is like entering a huge pick ‘n’ mix sweet shop: there are colours, textures and an infinite number of ways you could scoop and fill your bag to create a slightly different flavour. Just as one person tips the scales with a mountain of fizzy cola bottles, another will be a sucker for a classic humbug. And just like sweets, of the various hair colour types on offer, some last longer than others.

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Inside the walls of our Flagships, we pick, mix and blend any number of different shades and techniques to create your ultimate Great Colour. So, next time you’re in the chair, you’ll have our glossary on hand to help you sort your tints from your toners, so together, you and your colourist can get you the Great Hair you deserve.


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Good for: Anyone that wants to amplify their natural colour without things getting all high maintenance. Appointment time: Around an hour – give or take. We’ll bring the great coffee and magazines. Time will fly for sure. How long it lasts: Up to a whole year! It grows out looking so lovely and natural that it seems to get even better with time. Section by section, colour is painted on freehand to give you a fresh, natural look. Like ‘no make-up make-up’ – but for your hair. The secret to balayage is in the placement: it's applied in sections to complement how your hair falls, to give the illusion of more depth and movement.


highlights side viewhighlights front view

Good for: Any hair colour or type – highlights are one hell of a way to give your look more texture and a zhoosh. Appointment time: 2 hours. Granted you need as much time as it takes to see a full-on feature film. But good things are always worth waiting for. How long it lasts: Go 8 weeks and let’s meet again. Colour is applied in sections, which are then tucked into foil envelopes to keep them separate from the rest of the hair while it "processes." We can keep things subtle with a few lights here and there; or "slice" your colour in at an angle, to cover more ground and create a greater lift, while avoiding any hint of stripiness. We can even smatter super blonde “babylights” in, to give your blonde a youthful glimmer. When it comes to the finished look, consider the world your oyster.

Scalp Bleach

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Good for: The courageous, the committed and the naturally fair. Appointment time: 2.5 hours – minimum. Sit back, relax – meditate, why not? Relish the fact that you’re not going anywhere fast. How long it lasts: 6 weeks, then a root touch-up is a total must. Start your engines – this is your statement look: prepare to make confidence and commitment your middle names. Peroxide is applied from root to tip to create your basic platinum. Add a toner on top, and you can bend and flex your blonde with hints of ash, blue or pink and warmer shades. It's cool, it's graphic, and we're total fans. Just be warned: your hair will need some serious TLC to stay healthy.


tint darktint light

Good for: Covering white and grey hairs, or it can darken or lighten your base colour. Appointment time: 1 hour-ish. Two birds, one stone - you could squeeze it into your lunch break and grab some food from our café at the same time. How long it lasts: Up to 8 weeks. Go darker or lighter – it’s your call. The tint will be painted on with a brush from root to tip to erase greys and create a lovely base. Take it up a notch by layering a toner over the top, and you'll add a translucent wash of colour that slightly changes the overall shade.

Vegetable Colour

veg back viewveg front view

Good for: Option a) Darkening your hair when you’re pregnant and/or committed to going ammonia-free. Plan b) It turns up the volume on natural copper and red tones to give them a beautiful depth and gleam. Appointment time: ½ an hour. A scroll and a post on Instagram and you’ll be in and out before you even know it. How long it lasts: Wash in, wash out – you’re good for 6-8 shampoos. Low on commitment, low on maintenance, low on time requirement: we apply it all over using a brush – then add a darker “root smudge” to create a more natural finish. Ready to enter our very own pick ‘n’ mix shop? Book your next Great Colour here.