A Bob is one of the most universally flattering and eternally on-trend hair styles there is. But, with Long Bobs and Short Bobs, Tousled Bobs, Middy Bobs and Curly Bobs; Flicked-Out bobs and Italian Bobs, and Bobs that are cut the cool, French Girl way, knowing which one to choose can feel impossible.

So, check out our complete guide to all the Bobs – and find which one’s just perfect for you.


1. The Flicked-Out Bob

Inspired by 90s model Yasmin Ghauri, this bob has flicked-out ends that have natural texture and movement and never feel too done. In terms of length, let’s get specific: ask your stylist for something that hits between your jawline and shoulder for that 90s power vibe. The Flicked-Out Bob is all about empowering you with maximum confidence. All you need it to add a little Almost Everything Cream through the mid-lengths and ends when it’s wet to prevent frizz, pop the Great Hair Clips in while you do your makeup, then flick the front to one side when its dry.





2. The Chunky Bob

It's all about the thicker, chunkier ends that lend it that heaviness and create the shape without feeling too perfect (which always makes a look seem dated). Think Kaia Gerber and Cara Taylor: The Chunky Bob is cut with scissors – rather than a razor – to be straight at the back and slightly shorter at the front to give it a great, face-framing shape that accentuates your jawline. Simply layer Zhoosh Foam over Almost Everything Cream, blast with The Great Hairdryer – and your Chunky Bob will look great with a naturally undone texture.



3. The Shaggy Bob

Super cute and great if your hair is on the finer side, the Shaggy Bob comes with 70s vibes, but has been updated to look more modern. The layers throughout give it effortless shape and movement, topped off with this cute face-framing fringe. In bob terms, it’s on the longer side, just kissing the very top of the shoulders. It’s kind of rock and roll, but soft and pretty at the same time. Just wash, scrunch in some Almost Everything Cream to bring out the texture and natural movement, and you’re good to go.



4. The Little Bob with Curtain Bangs

A bob and some curtain bangs are great if your hair tends to fall flat. Shorter than the Shaggy Bob, the Little Bob skims just below ear height, taking its full shape from those lovely blunt tips. The face-framing bangs create shape and definition, doing all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to spend hours styling it. Don’t be afraid to try this look if you have curly hair – it’s one of our signature styles. Ideal whether you want to air dry and go or use The Great Hairdryer to create a little more polish; the Great Hair Kit will give you everything you need to fight frizz, enhance your natural texture and a root-lift wherever you need it most.



5. The Italian Bob

The Italian Bob is short, chic and characterised by its chin-skimming length that gently hugs the face, without longer corners at the front (as some other bob styles have). There’s something fresh – almost gamine – about this length that instantly lifts your look overall if you’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ about your hair lately. The way the weight of hair is distributed is another key factor when determining which Bob you choose. Our stylists like to cut Italian Bobs using a razor first, followed by thinning scissors. This technique helps to get the length just right and enhance your hair’s natural texture and movement to create the appearance of fullness, without it feeling heavy or bulbous anywhere. Nab the Air Dry Kit and follow our Dry Bun Method to style it, and you’ll fall in love with your bob all over again.



6. The Curly Bob

Think Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. The shape is deliberately simple – but the devil is in the detail. The key to this Curly Bob is that the sides are very slightly shorter to define and enhance the texture of the curls while putting an accent on your bone structure. The cut does all the hard work for you, so all you need do is twist in some of the No 1 curl defining cream for great curls with natural bounce and movement.



7. The Boyfriend

Short, sharp and with super blunt ends, this one is all about the just-above-jawline length and boyish vibes. Think Nick Carter meets Leo DiCaprio in his Titanic days: the cut creates that soft, floppy feel that has built-in shape and movement. As such, it’s one of the best low maintenance styles for winter. All you need do is run some Almost Everything Cream through the mid-lengths and ends while it’s wet, then blast with The Great Hairdryer - and you’ll be out of the door in minutes.