We're inching closer to summer and 2018's hair colour trends are really starting to emerge. Whether you're blonde or brunette, we've got you covered.


As temperatures get warmer, so are blondes! Trends are ditching hyper-bleached, ashy tones in favour of warmer blonde shades that naturally flatter facial features. Don't confuse a warm shade with brassy.. Ask your colourist to help you choose the best hue to compliment you and to avoid yellow tones. Still not convinced? Here's a few Instagram babes showing how it's done:

blonde hair trends warm blonde hair trends blonde hair trends 2018

Caramel Brunettes

Brown hair is getting a luxe make-over in the upcoming season. A rich mélange of darker browns as the base with carefully blended lighter, honeyed ends will be the brunette look of the summer. Thinking of trying out this trend? Ask you colourist to place the lighter sections strategically to contour and compliment your facial features. Need pics to show your hairdresser? Try one of these:

brown hair trends brown hair trends 2018 brown hair trend