Recently, I’ve been thinking more about what it means to have Great Hair today. For me, Great Hair needs to feel modern and wearable, it needs to look believable – and it needs to reflect your hair in its natural state. Best of all, it’s versatile, easy to air dry and style, and requires minimal products.

It’s what I like to call ‘wash and wear’ hair – and it’s all about making your natural hair texture pop.

Achieving all of these things may sound impossible (especially if you find yourself struggling with frizz or hair that’s flat and shapeless). But, with a little know–how, it’s easier than you think. So, here are my top tips for air drying your way to Great Hair…


To create a style that feels super current, I often find myself cutting a client’s hair dry. This allows me to cut the hair in its natural state, so I can see where and how any wave or movement is forming, and the way the shape is sitting as I go. Whether you have long Daisy & the Six rock and roll hair, a chunky bob or curtain bangs, a Great Cut is key if you want your hair to be quick and easy to style on a daily basis.



Modern hair requires believability. After years of subjecting our hair to the heat and damage of tongs and irons, forcing it to behave in a way it really doesn’t want to behave, it’s time to embrace its natural texture by allowing it to air dry. Try packing your hot styling tools away, and you may just find that your hair has a natural wave or tousle you never knew about. Great Hair is about working with what you’ve got – not trying to make your hair something it isn’t.



Many people fear air drying their hair will make it fluffy throughout the day. One of my favourite things about Zhoosh Foam is that while it’s commonly used as a pre–blow dry prepper to create more volume, it can also be used on dry hair to kill fluffiness. Simply rub it into your lengths until it disappears, and it’ll take out the fluff and add definition at the same time.



If you’re concerned that air drying your hair to bring out its natural texture will leave it looking dry, keep a 50ml Almost Everything Cream in your bag. You can also press some in to dry mid–lengths and ends on the go to add an instant dose of hydration that makes your hair look full of life.