One of things we get asked about most is how to tackle fine, flat or lifeless hair. Maybe your hair looks great when it’s freshly-washed, but falls flat on your face the day after. Perhaps your day two hair has more natural texture – but no real shape to speak of.

Meet the new way to get effortless shape and volume – in one simple, game-changing cut.

What is it?

This new cut is the modern way to work a look with volume. Unlike previous incarnations that focused on creating volume at the roots (so ‘80s), this new style creates fullness in the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, to make it look super lustrous with bags of natural shape.

Who are the A-list references?

Think Brigitte Bardot and ‘90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford, then Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff. It’s kind of bombshell – in a great way.

How does it work?

Firstly, we add some of our signature invisible layers, to take out any weight that might be dragging your hair (and face) down. These also create naturally tousled, beachy tips – without any styling at all. The finishing touch is a nod to a curtain fringe to create beautiful face-framing shape that hits around ear height. The overall effect is one of full hair all down the mid-lengths and ends.

Who does it work on?

It’s great if you have a bob, mid-length or long hair that’s flat, lacking a bit of shape or generally feels a bit lifeless. We can dial the curtain fringe up or down according to your desired look.

How do you style it?

Run some Almost Everything Cream through your mid-lengths ends to prevent frizz forming later. Then layer some of our pioneering new Zhoosh Foam over the top. This preps for a smooth, voluminous blowout, which you can always tong afterwards for some extra beachy tousle. Alternatively, scrunch a plum-sized amount of Zhoosh into dry hair –on your roots, mid-lengths and at your parting. Wherever your hair needs some extra oomph and lift.

Who to book?

David, Marcos, Adrian, Ryan and Grace are all great at creating killer volume.