For those of us not blessed with a naturally full head of hair, battling fine, flat, lacklustre lengths can feel like a never-ending drama. With this simple 5-step routine, you can skip the styling tools and brushes, and simply get full, lustrous hair in under five minutes’ flat.

Step 1

Rub half a pump of Almost Everything Cream into your hands, then use them to apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of dry hair to beat frizz and boost shine

Step 2

Shake Zhoosh Foam really well.  The unique ‘dry foam’ technology can’t work if you skip this step. Add a plum-sized amount to hands and use your fingers to ‘comb’ it through. Then rub, rake and comb it through again until it’s fully dry – you’ll begin to notice your hair having more volume right away.

Step 3

This is optional if you’re prone to flat roots or have particularly fine hair. Add a second layer of Zhoosh and rub it into those places where you need it most – around your hairline or at the crown, perhaps. 

Step 4

Flipping the front section of your hair to one side will create extra height and shape.

Step 5

Finish by scrunching half pump of Almost Everything Cream into the mid-lengths and ends to get an effortlessly undone, separated texture.