If you are a girl-on-the-go it’s likely that dry shampoo will be your best friend. Just a single spray on your hair here and there means you don’t have the laborious task of washing and drying your hair each day, which can be time consuming for those who live their life in the fast lane. Not only does dry shampoo help those with busy lifestyles, it’s also good for your hair too. As opposed to washing your hair every day, dry shampoo will help to refresh your hair at the roots and the tips whilst helping you to retain all the essential moisture your hair needs. If you are looking for a product that will help to spruce up your hair in between washes, the Hershesons Batiste Dry shampoo will work a treat. Hershesons have teamed up with Batiste in a new collaboration to bring you the ultimate dry shampoo that will not only refresh your locks but will give your hair a natural volume boost. So if you are dashing out for work or you don’t have enough time to wash your hair before you head on a night out, use the spray at the roots and away you go! Perhaps you are wondering how dry shampoo works? A dry shampoo cleverly works as an oil-absorbing powder that removes any excess grease and dirt from your hair without you having to wash it with water. Dry shampoo can be easily applied to any type of hair and requires you to spray at the roots and brush away the excess. By investing in this product you will have an answer to all those impractical situations where you might not be able to have a shower and use shampoo. So whether you are heading to a music festival for the weekend or you need to refresh your hair after exercising, dry shampoo is the answer to all your prayers! Does your hair become lifeless after a long day? Dry shampoo can also help to add fullness and texture to your hair, and especially if you intend to backcomb it for extra lift. At only £5.50 this product will be your hair care saviour and we believe that you will never look back! Why not take a look at oursite for a range of hair styling products and hair tips.