party hair

You're fun; you're frivolous, you make wearing sequins at 8am totally legitimate – and sleepless nights aside, we really couldn't love you more. But what we really need is our hair to play ball by nailing the party dress code – without fussing, fiddling or time wasting. Which is why the world invented hair accessories: like killer heels or a statement necklace, they're the ultimate short-cut to upgrading your style in seconds. Think slides, ribbons, hairbands and pins – the knack is to make them look chic. So, here’s how our stylists do just that – and leave time on the clock…


Go half up, half down

Super pretty and a total all-rounder, this simple, be-ribboned style is something we created for the Emilia Wickstead AW17 show. It works equally well with a feminine dress or a tougher, more boyish look – making it our number one party pleaser.

How to do it: prep your hair by making it smooth and glassy. It’s this season’s favourite texture and our Super Straight Kit has everything you need to get it. Brush the top front section of your hair straight back from your face, securing it in a half pony at your crown. Tie a black velvet ribbon in a bow around the base – but keep it long and romantic, so the ends trail all down your back.

embellished hair

Put a pin in it

We think a messy bun you did without thinking is shorthand for having Great Hair that’s 100% on your own terms. The good news is, that a simple pin elevates your look with a nonchalant nod to the party vibe, without going O.T.T. So party or not, you still look like yourself. How to do it: leaving some loose, tendril-like sections free at the front, pull your hair into a half pony and secure tightly, high up on your crown, (bonus point: this gives your face a little extra lift). Flip your head upside down and pull the rest of your hair up to meet the half pony, before binding them together with a hairband. Backcomb the tail to add texture, then twist it into a bun, (don’t think about this bit too much – just do whatever feels most natural) before securing it in place with bobby pins. Add our favourite Syd Pin to one side of your bun to upgrade your look – then we’ll see you at the bar.


Make your own headband

A little sporty, totally chic; this a firm favourite amongst our stylists because it looks good on everyone – and you don’t even need to break the bank. How to do it: Google your nearest fabric shop and buy a piece of black jersey. Wrap it around your head, making sure that it lies smooth, then tie it at your nape. P.S. this also works well as an instant cover-up if your roots are looking a little lanky, the morning after the night before.


Get your slides on

Bows, butterflies, stars and more; slides were given a firm stamp of approval by this season’s catwalk shows. So, pick your poison and add your chosen slide to one side – just above one ear. It’s your call, but we think slides work best with a simple twist or bun and lots of whimsical flyaways. Great Party Hair looking good – we bet you got there in a flash. We can only apologise if you’re now half an hour early for your party, rather than being fashionably late.