How to take care of human hair extensions

How to take care of human hair extensions
Human hair extensions….gloriously thicker, longer hair….real hair! Like your hair, these extensions needs looking after to last and look their best. Essentially, you should aim to treat your human hair extensions the same way you would your hair: with love and care. Follow our guide to ensure they stay healthy for longer (and longer).

Minimal Washing

Great news for The Lazy Girl! There’s no need to wash your human hair clip in very often. In fact, too much washing will dry the hair piece out as it won’t receive the natural oils which nourish and hydrate from the scalp hair. When it is necessary to wash the hair pieces, remember to only use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Tip: For the best results, take a teaspoon of shampoo to two quarts of cold water and immerse the hair for 5 minutes. Try not to get the clips wet as this can cause them to rust. Do not rub or lather the shampoo (if you want to see some bubbles, try can swirl the hair in the water but avoid friction). Always finish with a cold rinse.

Delicate Drying

Gently remove excess water and leave to air dry. If you need to use a hairdryer, only use on a medium heat and medium speed. Apply a leave in conditioner to give it back some moisture. Never tug at your extensions! Either use a wide toothcomb to brush through or go through with your fingers.

Get Styling

Unlike synthetic hair, heat can be applied to human hair extensions. But just like your own hair, don’t forget to use a heat protectant, and be careful with the heat settings. Crispy is never a good look!

Keep Them Neat!

Finally, treat your clip in with care. After ensuring the hair is tangle-free, store the dry hair pieces in a cool, dry place with the clips closed. Hershesons human hair clip ins are made with high grade, ethically sourced hair. For more information, visit our human hair collection.