hair farm
Hooray – just 5 days to go and the real fun starts! We love parties, presents, partridges and pear trees as much as the next person – but wow can December mess with your hair. Just a week or two in and it’s a curious mix of dry, yet greasy – a little knotty, but also flat. And it can’t look a mince pie in the eye.
Which is why we created the Hershesons Hair Farm: a perfect haven of pre-toxing, to keep you two steps ahead of the December onslaught, so you simply have Great Hair. Here are the top 5 house rules…

1. Your hair needs a juice boost

You don’t need us to tell you what juicing is. So, let’s dive straight in with the Health Farm’s favourite recipe for seriously Great Hair: walnuts are both Christmassy and a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc and biotin – all the things your hair loves to help it grow strong and healthy. So, add 2 tablespoons of nuts to 150g of cranberries, (we like to keep things seasonal), 2 tablespoons of Greek or coconut yogurt, a splash of your chosen milk, a squeeze of honey – and a pinch of nutmeg if you fancy. Tumble in some ice, blitz it all up and drink in place of your usual snacks for at least three days in December. It’s great for your hair, good on the taste buds and something you can always return to when you can't face another canapé.

2. Let’s max out your hair’s beauty sleep

Ok, so this is an investment. But think of it as the gift equivalent of a selfie. Buy yourself a Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase – it's what our Health Farm specialists swear by. It creates 43% less friction than your regular pillowcases, which means it minimises bed head and keeps your blowdry looking Great for days.

3. Do not get yourself in a tangle

Big collars, scratchy sequins – then there’s the time you fall asleep (head first) in your makeup. The result is tangles and knots – you’re in all kinds of trouble – and you don’t have the energy to fix it. knot brush Keep this brush beside your sink. We created it specifically to glide through knots with the greatest of ease. Now you can concentrate on untangling those Christmas lights.

4. But do double cleanse

Ever noticed how you step out of a salon and 3 days later, your hair still feels fresh as a daisy? There's no mystery or secret; it's simply down to the double cleanse. The first shampoo removes surface dirt (grease, dry shampoo, pollution and whatever else your hair managed to collect beneath the disco ball). This allows the second-round cleanse to penetrate the hair, making it feel cleaner for longer. double wash

5. Wake up with Great Hair every day

For those who aren’t so much burning the candle at both ends, as just leaving it lit round the clock, there’s the Health Farm’s one-hit solution to see you through December. Book into one of our spaces for a Permanent Blowdry and let your very own expert smooth frizz, fix kinks and keep your hair on the straight and narrow – no matter how much you misbehave. Enjoyed your stay at the Health Farm? We’re happy to see you’re leaving with a solid plan for Great December Hair. You can find one-minute styling tips to show it off right here.