“It’s time to press pause on your relationship with tongs,” says Luke Hersheson. “Not forever, just for now!”

In an era when the ‘undone’ is the new ‘done’, traditional styling methods are being traded in for less rigid techniques.

“I also think it’s interesting,” adds Luke, “to put the round barrel brush aside for the moment. Instead use your fingers as your hairbrush to take your style in a new direction.”

Follow our three mini guides for new fresher, cooler ways to create hair textures.

The Bed Braid - I woke up like this

A Hersheson classic, this is the ultimate cool girl hairstyle. Effortless looking hair rarely is effortless, but with this method, you’ll be ready in minutes.

The Kink - Stay flawless from the desk to the dance-floor

This technique will take your hair from the AM to the PM quicker than that waiting glass of wine.

  • Begin your morning by washing your hair and blitz dry with Hershesons Ionic Professional Hairdryer until it’s 90% dry.
  • Braid your hair loosely to create a wave. Tip: Only one braid for loose waves, two for tighter ones.
  • Spray braids with hairspray and let them dry naturally on the way to work.
  • Work the sporty look like a boss.
  • When it’s time to ditch the desk, unbraid and comb through gently with fingers.

The Retro Wave – Show us your kinky side

Hershesons Stylist, Shelley Brook has a message for the wavy hair gang: “Embrace your hair’s natural wave and whip that diffuser back out!”

Sea salt spray is your new BFF. “Spritz on roots of your hair, tip your hair upside down and use your fingers with a diffuser to dry your hair. Perfect if your going for a very effortless, uncontrived texture look,” said Shelley.