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Raise your hand if you’d like to streamline your routine, save money, claw back some space in your bathroom, safeguard the planet – and get really Great Hair? Oh – and that’s before we mention winning a £300 VOUCHER too. We're 100% committed to calling time on false promises, whistleblowing on jargon and simplifying what you do with your hair. Which means skipping on by convention, breaking a few tired rules – and doing things very differently.

So, we want to hear from you.

Tell us your desires, your concerns, your frustrations, your queries – about anything hair-related. We’ll answer them on our blog – a compendium of straight talking advice that’s always got your back. Then tell us what you’d want from your ultimate product to fix all that angst, so you can get on with having the hair you deserve. Go big, venture outside the box – and indulge in some good old blue sky thinking. Just don’t hold back on our account. It doesn’t necessarily need to be specific ingredients – although, if you know your moringa from your keratin – then don’t let us kill your vibe. bathroomabove
So, maybe it beats frizz, combats dryness, adds texture or volume. Maybe it extends your style or elevates your regular hair wash. Maybe it does one thing – or everything. The point is, it has to work for you. To streamline your routine in a straightforward way – that gives you results, not dashed hopes and dreams. Not to mention a dent in your bank account. What’s essential is that enhances your hair – and your life. In big, or teeny-tiny ways. Could it make you feel more in control, by lending your look instant polish? Could it power up your confidence by adding a zhoosh that literally takes a second? Or perhaps it would be so darn efficient that it buys you back time. So, you can hit ‘snooze’ more often – and simply feel great on a solid diet of eight hours’ sleep – every night. Whatever your shtick; whatever your look, hair type, age or gender, what it 100% must do is skip on by the false promises and simply give you Great Hair. As a thank you for your creativity and general genius, we’re giving the person with the best idea a £300 VOUCHER to spend in our online store or in one of our spaces to get you whatever your heart and hair desires. Answers on a digital postcard to or via @hershesons. Let’s create a Great Product together. Competition ends on 14th March 2019. The winner will be contacted before 31st March 2019.