rooty blonde hair
It’s a brand New Year and a fresh new start: time to dust off the cobwebs from Christmas and get 2019 going with a whole new positive outlook. Simple, easy, low on commitment but super high on the confidence-boosting barometer, this is the No. 1 Cut you need to get Great Hair in 2019… Let's start with the length (which is crucial): it's not a bob, or a lob (long bob) and it's definitely not ‘long’. It’s 2019's new mid-length – so let’s agree on the ‘middy’ for now.
The ends should be longer than your collarbones – the level of your chest, right around where your armpit nook sits. Emily Weiss, Margot Robbie and Michelle Obama all have a middy: because rather than apologise for its simplicity, its power actually lies in the confidence of its understatement. It’s empowering because it has a little of everything. Snip to the middy and it feels lighter, fresher and more liberating than a classic long length; yet cozier and somehow more comforting than the nakedness and chilly neck breeze of a bob. Dig a little further beneath the psychological hair surface, and we can see that the clever little middy walks the tightrope between two extremes in other ways too: it's on-trend (see the catwalks of Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini and Calvin Klein 205w39nyc), but not so ‘trendy’ (see buzz cuts and wet looks of any kind) as to be impossible for us ordinary Jo’s to handle. Talking of trends (which we all know go in cycles), the 2019 mid-length makes a well-pronounced nod to the ‘supers’ of the ‘90s – we’re imagining Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford. It’s self-assured, sporty – and slips seamlessly into how we’re feeling now about health, fitness, athleisure style and having a strong body we can be proud of. It's the antithesis of the self-beating ‘not good enough’ stick, and the hair equivalent of having the confidence to embrace who you are – as you. Apart from anything else, the middy rejects the complicated, over-fussy red carpet styles of old and instead – makes total sense for the busy, time-short lifestyles we lead today. Getting the cut right is essential, (you know how we feel about Great Cuts) – with blunt, chunky ends that feel youthful yet sharp, and make your hair seem thicker. From there, you can straighten it to a smooth, glassy finish; you can use a tong to add low-key waves.
So, as a quick recap: it’s on point, reflects how we feel about life (and ourselves) today; it’s even quick and easy to style. All in all, the middy says: “I’m grown-up but cool. I know who I am. And by the way, I’ve got my s*** together”. As messages go, we really couldn’t ask for more. Let’s get you that middy now.