Outfit planning for festivals is always fun, but the one dilemma that comes with staying in a tent for three days is what to do with your hair? Limited showering facilities combined with bed-head hair from sleeping in a tent is not ideal, but, the trick is to choose your hairstyles carefully and make the most of hair accessories.

Alexa Chung, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Zooey Deschanel all do the ‘effortlessly cool’ look with great ease and have hair that all festival goers envy.

Here’s some simple festival looks that will keep your hair looking lush all summer long…

The Messy Top Knot

The messy top knot is by far the easiest way to have stylish hair in minutes. Tip your head upside down, pull it in a tight ponytail and twist away! Your hair is more likely to stay in place when it’s not been washed for a day so this look is perfect! If your hair is too fine, why not use the Hershesons Human Hair Invisible Ponytail to give your hair a volume boost.

The Festival Plait

For the most effective fishtail plait, your hair needs to be messy and full of texture which is ideal for festival conditions. Do a single plait and scrunch the plait to make it look effortless. If you want an easier option, invest in a Hershesons Human Hair Invisible Ponytail that can be plaited and will do the work for you!

The Vintage Up-do

This classic vintage inspired look will be easier to create when your hair is backcombed and will look super chic with a silk vintage scarf tied in a bow.