There are many celebrities that have channelled dishevelled and textured hair in the past, but none of them manage to do it as well as supermodel, Cara Delevingne.

Making your hair look more undone as opposed to neat and polished has definitely become a phenomenon as many of us are reaching for a backcombing brush, dry shampoo or salt spray as opposed to that trusty can of stay in place maximum hold hair spray. Cara Delevingne manages to rock this hairstyle at any occasion; whether it is a red carpet event, a casual night out or a day shopping with friend. No matter what, her hair always looks super shiny, tousled and incredibly healthy. As you can tell, we have serious hair envy!

The Hershesons guide to achieving Cara’s look

Use a comb to create a straight central parting.

  • Whether your hair is straight or curly, make sure you tame it from the roots using straighteners or your desired hair styling tool. As Cara’s hair is slightly waved and textured, try not to straighten your hair completely. Simply twist the straighteners or styling tool until you achieve soft and messy waves.
  • If your hair is struggling to look textured at this stage, why not spritz some dry shampoo under the top layer of your hair at the roots to improve the volume.
  • Perhaps your hair isn’t long and thick enough to create long and chic waves? By using either the Hershesons clip in hair extensions, your hair will have increased volume and texture. Alternatively, if you want to create this look for a one-off occasion, why not visit the Hershesons blow dry bar and go for the wavy gravy look? Hershesons have a fantastic range of hair accessories, extensions and inspiration that will help you to achieve Cara’s look and many other on-trend styles.