I recently had a conversation with a client who wanted to get a new cut and loved the sound of how it looked when she wore it down, but was worried it might look flat and shapeless if she tied it up.

It struck me that this is a question that many people have but don't always vocalise. And, I'll be honest: it surprised me.

At Hershesons, when our expert stylists work to give you Great Hair, they’re always thinking of the bigger picture, taking into account your face, your overall style – and how you like your hair to look up as well as down.

The point is that with our increasingly fluid lifestyles where the boundaries of work, social time, workouts and travel are now blurred, you can – and should – have the confidence to know your hair can still look great when it's up. That might mean slinging it up in this summer's trending accessory, a claw clip. Or creating a more polished pony where the cut gives the tail built–in body and movement (so it doesn't just look wispy and flat).

So, here are my top tips for getting hair that looks just as great up as it does down…

Think of your hair as a picture frame

The pieces around the front are what frame your face, accentuate your eyes and bring out your cheekbones and jawline. Like contouring – but with your hair. Whether you have a bob, mid–length or long hair, having some shorter pieces – or even curtain bangs– around the face will help create this effect. When you tie your hair up, leaving these pieces out gives you an instant, face–framing shape so your hair never feels too severe. These clips will shape these pieces for you –no heat necessary – while you get dressed or do your makeup.

Follow the jawline rule

When asking for your face–framing shorter pieces, keep them jawline–length or shorter (any longer, and they tend to drag your face down). This jawline–length is perfect for when you simply want to twist your hair up (wet or dry) in a claw clip and still create softness and shape around your face. They’re also the easiest way to nail this 90s trend. Either way, applying some Almost Everything Cream (again, to wet or dry hair) will ensure your hair feels effortless, but remains frizz–free.

Chunky ends make for a full pony

This season’s Hailey Bieber–inspired Chunky Bob– doesn't just feel full of easy movement and body when you wear it down. The chunky ends make it feel fresh and modern while also adding the illusion of fullness. Tie your bob back in a pony, and you'll find you have a full tail that looks super healthy and youthful rather than thin or wispy. Give the tail a brush through with this everyday brush to bring outs its softness and shine.


Pick your products wisely

Great Hair should never require endless products or hours of styling, so selecting the ones that are right for you and your look is key. Almost Everything Cream works like an essential, moisture–giving primer for all up–do styles. If you like your hair to look more polished when you tie it up, try this 3–minute rough dry routine before you do so. If your hair is fine and needs more body, rub Zhoosh Foam into the roots and work it through the mid–lengths and ends of your hair before you put it up in your clip or pony to create instant fullness. Just start with a Great Cut – and let the right products do the rest of the legwork for you.