Alex Steinherr Luke Hersheson interview
Three generations of Hershesons and decades’ worth of cutting, colouring, styling, braiding and blow drying mean that if there’s one thing we know it’s this: everyone – and we mean everyone – has a hair story. Our hair sees it all. The highs, the lows – the bad hair days and break-up fringes; the killer cuts that empower you with the sass and attitude to kick doubt to the curb – then get what you want out of life. Which is why we created HAIR STORIES: a place where you’ll find tips, shared experiences, confessions, and some darn good yarns about the relationship between people, emotions, confidence – and Great Hair. To kick things off, our opening gambit is all about ALMOST EVERYTHING CREAM: the new, one-size-fits-all solution to streamline your routine. It’s not a hairspray, and it’s not a shampoo either. But it is pretty much everything else. So, we asked some of our friends – of all different hair types and lengths – to tell us just exactly how they use theirs. First in the hot seat is Alessandra Steinherr, Creative and Beauty Director, plus Founder of the ULTIMATE skincare collection at Primark. Watch the video below – then watch this space for more Hair Stories. Love, Hershesons