While there are some basic principles to getting really Great Hair, everyone’s hair is different. Naturally, this can make it difficult to know which products will best suit your hair and how to style it effectively to achieve the look you want. 

Having been in the hair industry for decades now, I’ve worked with people of all hair types and goals. So, this week, I’ve compiled my top 6 tips for getting the best out of your hair – no matter what your hair type.


1. Stop fighting your hair

Many of us spend our life at war with our own hair. If it’s straight we want it to be wavy; if it’s curly we want it to be straight; if it’s fine we want fullness, and if it’s thick, it can feel out of control. This means we often waste endless time styling it in an attempt to force it to behave in a way it just doesn’t want to. Then we buy product after product, hoping each one will be the Holy Grail to getting the kind of hair that you’ve probably seen on someone else, and want for yourself. Not only will these tactics not work, but they’ll waste your time and money and mean you never feel really happy with your hair. The secret is to learn how to enhance your natural texture to get Great Hair you love.

2. Embrace your curls

If you have natural curls, skip the straightening irons and instead, bring out the natural wave pattern of your hair. Scrunch or twist one to two pumps of Almost Everything Cream into wet curls straight from the shower and leave them to air dry, or diffuse them on a low heat with this dryer. Getting an expert stylist to give you a cut with built–in natural shape will also help enhance the natural texture and movement of your curls. Contrary to popular opinion, curtain bangs also look amazing on curly hair, lending it some extra shape and definition.

3. Enhance straight hair

If your hair is poker straight and you want more movement, you can scrunch a pump of Almost Everything Cream into the lengths while it’s wet. If you plan to blow dry, layer Zhoosh Foam over the top of the Almost Everything Cream to give you some extra volume and make it easier to add movement with a round brush. Rubbing some Zhoosh Foam into flat roots when it’s dry will also add lift. Finally, I’d recommend adding some face–framing layers to give your hair more shape, so it doesn’t hang down in two, poker–straight curtains.

4. Make fine hair look fuller

Fine hair often needs a Great Cut to help it along (a chunky bob or look with blunt ends can often create the impression of more fullness). Likewise, adding some lighter pieces using balayage gives hair a multidimensional look, so it doesn’t seem so flat and lifeless. In terms of styling, Zhoosh Foam is your best friend here. Add a large blob to your hands, rub them together and rake them through your hair before you blow dry (this 90s supermodel blow dry technique is great for making fine hair look fuller). If you want to air dry, this bun dry method gives you easy waves and a tousled texture. You can even scrunch more Zhoosh Foam into the hair once it’s dry for added oomph and body.

5. Tame thick hair

Many people long for full hair with plenty of body. However, the problem with thicker hair is that can look heavy and shapeless – or feel super frizzy. The first thing to do is ask your stylist to take the weight out of it using invisible layers, as this will instantly give you more control. Then, you can be really generous with your post–shower Almost Everything Cream application (two to three pumps should do it), working it through the mid–lengths and ends to tame frizz and prevent “bouffiness”. Air dry or smooth the hair with your blow dryer – then remember to take the original 50ml Almost Everything Cream with you wherever you go to tame that beautiful thick hair on the go.

6. Frame your face

This applies to all hair types – always. Putting just a little extra effort into the front section of your hair will make a huge difference overall. Our signature Pinch technique helps you create a lovely curtain–like sweep of hair to frame your eyes and cheekbones. Alternatively, pop on half a pump of Almost Everything Cream and use these clips to do the hard work for you.