Our 3 gloriously on trend styles to keep the locks up and out the way this summer.

Double Trouble


The 90s buns have been bouncing around for a while now and look set to stay on our heads for a little while longer.

With double buns on every corner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking overdone. Make sure you keep yours modern and more importantly, looking interesting, with a few simple adjustments.

1. Change the position of the buns.

Hailey Baldwin championed this look last week by pulling her two fluffy buns to the very top of her head, and closer in together.


Go ultra low for a softer, sophisticated look. Braid before pulling into a two buns at the nape of the neck.

2. It’s all in the details!

Add some texture, carefully positioned fly aways, braids or accessories to refresh this style. Don’t forget to keep the buns fluffy!

Half-Braid Pony

half braided pony

This ponytail proves that effortless chic can be done by everyone.

Pull hair into a loose, low ponytail and secure with a Hershesons Clear Snagless Hairband. Braid the pony twice and secure again with another band. Finally, use fingers to gently pull and tease the plait until it’s messy and relaxed.

Unfinished (Pony) Business

pun 1

The unfinished ponytail is a runway inspired do, yet I bet most of us have already accidentally donned this look whilst in a rush. There's a fine line between sloppy and stylish, and it lies within the finer details.

Our tips:

  • Make sure hair is clean and light to avoid looking like you actually just crawled out of bed.
  • Flat iron hair with Hershesons Professional Straighteners to keep it neat and airy. Balenciaga perfected this with their take on the look in their SS16 show