Being a beach babe all summer long can take a toll on your hair’s health. Now that the weather’s cooling down, it’s time to give your sun-weakened tresses a little holiday of its own.

Other than deep conditioning after every wash, the most helpful thing to do for your dried out hair is not washing and drying it too much. Stripping your hair of natural oils, especially on already sun-damaged hair, will leave both scalp and hair even more dehydrated.

So when possible, try skip a day or two between washes - It’ll be worth the sacrifice in the long run! Meanwhile, take the opportunity to try out some of this fashion season's best street style looks.

Here are three of our favourites:

Fishtail Pigtails

by Daniel Hersheson Stylist, Jordan Garrett, for Olivia Palermo LFW SS17

Double Fishtails - Jordan Garret for Olivia Palermo

Braids always hold better with next day hair. The added texture provides extra grip to hold shape whilst disguising the excess oils in your hair.

Take advantage of your second day hair by trying out our current favourite braid: fluffy fishtail pigtails. Created by Daniel Hersheson Stylist, Jordan Garrett, for LFW front rower Olivia Palermo, this look is epitome of effortless chic.

Tip: Do it like Olivia, and pair with smoky eyes for a day to night look.

Pony Master

Yoita for NYFW SS17

Yoita Ponytail

The ultimate hair saviour will always be the ponytail.

Low ponytails are an elegant and chic way to disguise next day hair. Try a straight middle parting like Yoita for a fresh finish. Don't forget to tame the fly-aways with some hairspray if needed!

Tip: Add a Hershesons Invisible Ponytail Extension to achieve a naturally fuller look.

Put It To The Side

street style PFW SS17

Deep Side Partings

Deep partings are a simple way to shake up your look temporarily. Next day hair is the ideal base for this look as your usual parting can be quite stubborn. The heavier hair helps this style stay in place with a neater finish.

Be warned! This only works with slightly oily hair! Otherwise, avoid this look as it can draw unwanted attention to the excess grease.

Difficulty choosing where to position your new deep parting? Work from the arch of your brow with a sectioning comb to find a nice balance.