Fancy a summer fling with smooth skin?

Frank and Daniel (Hersheson) are catching eyes and turning heads this season with their cheeky coffee break proposal.

Get to know frank

If you haven’t heard, frank body specialises in coffee scrubs.

The high caffeine treatment works its magic by increasing circulation and encouraging collagen production. So thank frank and wave goodbye to pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, and red blemishes.

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A Match Made in Smooth Skin Heaven

In the luxurious settings of Daniel Hersheson’s spa, frank body’s scrub and balm treatment is showing the ‘British babes’ a good time with a little skin TLC.

The 30-minute treatment begins with your choice of coffee flavour: ‘Original Coffee Scrub’ or ‘Coconut Coffee Scrub’. Next step is to relaxxx as Daniel Hersheson’s world class therapists use this rough and ready ingredient to buff away dry skin giving special attention to problem areas.

All that tough love can leave you feeling sore, so it’s time to smooth things over with frank body’s nourishing ‘Body Balm’ or ‘Body Cream’. You'll get your double shot of coffee as both are packed to the brim with caffeine and natural oils leaving your body ultra nourished.

It’s the perfect pre-tan, pre-wax, or just a pre-holiday prep to get your skin glowing all summer long.


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EDIT: **This exclusive limited edition treatment is no longer available at Daniel Hersheson salon.**