Are you hoping for long hair just in time for Summer? We caught up with Jordan Garrett, Stylist at Daniel Hersheson for some quick tips on how to promote healthy long hair.

Does getting your haircut regularly really help your hair grow faster?
J: Getting a good regular haircut will always help hair grow faster taking off all of those dead ends leaves room for new hair to come in.

Do you have any tips for getting your hair past that awkward length any faster?
J: There's not really a quick fix but be patient. Make sure you treat yourself to a good shampoo, conditioner and a treatment once a week as these will help. However if you want INSTANT results a clip in hair extension will solve the problem straight away.

Does being on holiday and in the sun make your hair grow?
J: I think so sun and water always makes things grow so no different with your hair.

What is your top advice to anyone who is trying to grow their hair?
J: Always have an end goal! Picture what you want your hair to look like and stick to it. Loads of clients come to me wanting to grow their hair, but don't know how they want it to look once it has got to the desired length so always have a game plan.

What products would you recommend?
J: Kérastase Bain De Force, Lait Vital and Ciment Thermique. These products are all great at promoting healthy hair growth by maintaining your hair's strength.

You hear a lot of people complaining that their hair has stopped growing. Will it stop once it reaches a certain length?
J: No, hair will keep growing no matter what however it may not look its best if gets too long, especially if you're someone with finer hair.

How can someone with finer hair stop the lengths looking too ratty?
J: Stick to a graphic hair cut as the blunt ends and harder lines will give the impression of thicker hair. Definitely avoid layered haircuts as you want the weight line on the ends to be as thick as possible. If you're trying to grow your hair and need further advice - book a consultation with one of our experts...