Every girl needs to have a sizable hair accessory arsenal that she can call on at a moment’s notice. Even the worst of hair disasters can be easily rectified with the use of some key hair accessories, and they can also help you to create stunning styles right from the get-go.
So, here are five hair accessories that every girl should own:
Hair clips Hair clips come in all kinds of styles, and these gold star-shaped clips from Rodarte are bang on trend. bow Bow headbands Ladies can follow in the fashion footsteps of Louis Vuitton by accessorizing with bow headbands. braids Braided headbands The braided headband can help you to recreate this style very easily. It's been featured on runways numerous times by the likes of Emilio Pucci, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs. Hershesons sells braided headbands is all kinds of colours, and you can easily use one to try something a little different. scarf Scarves Adding a scarf to your hairstyle can instantly give it a retro twist, just like this style from Dolce & Gabbana. Use brightly coloured scarfs to make your style stand out even more, and make sure you pick from some of this season’s on-trend colours - dark blue, violet, bright yellow and soft jade have been just some of the colours seen on the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk. hairbands Hair bands The simple hair band can help you to create styles such as the ponytail. Though simple, this style is an absolute classic. Hair bands are also essential in a plethora of other styles. Every girl should be able to lay her hands on these essential hair accessories to ensure she can create the best hairstyles for the season. Many of these fantastic accessories can be purchased from Hershesons right now, so take a look at our shop section.