remember you might have been born with it but you don’t always have to live with it!

Whether you like it or not colour does represent personality - a lot of our identity is wrapped up in it. Whether you’re blonde for life or an ombre brunette your unique hair shade can affect your mood as well as how others perceive you. Yes our hair colour can be stereotyped but personality is not so easy to define. So we wanted to find out what our hair colour really says; because like you we're just 'dying' to know!
Blondes have more fun. No really they do! Although you’re a fun-loving kind of girl you can't deny the odds. Your hair colour can be associated with other, less fun qualities such as vanity and high maintenance. You're sexy and outspoken but you're also more neurotic than other shades. Your light hair attracts attention, and lots of it but have you ever heard of blondeorexia? A term that best describes women who are addicted to the bottle. (Of peroxide) They just keep getting lighter and brighter despite their dry and damaged hair.
Brunettes are boring, bookish or brooding? For every blondeorexic there’s a basic brunette who's just as paranoid about her “boring” brown hair. Your sick of being the most common hair colour and your texture is course and thick. But you actually have fewer hairs on your head than your blonde counterparts so don't believe it's abundant! You're convinced your hair will be light-reflecting and glossy if you rival the colour of midnight. But people take you way more seriously when your hair makes a statement all on its own.
Red hair is by far the rarest, it is a colour of many moods. This does not however excuse a temper as hot as the colour on your head. You're seductive, creative and intimidating (at times) but you tend to exhibit passionate and explosive behaviour. Unless you are a natural red head of course - you couldn't be more different! As the complete antithesis, you're calm, shy, sensitive and quietly beautiful. Is this you? Let us know!

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