The Holy Grail to Fuller–Looking Hair


From salon clients to models and A–listers, one of the things I get asked most is, ‘How do I make my fine, flat, lifeless hair look fuller and more vibrant?’

Finding the solution was what inspired me to create Zhoosh Foam: the fastest way to get body, oomph, volume and root–lift into all hair types. Yet, I’m aware that some people are confused as to how to use it. 

Firstly, because it looks like a mousse (and no one likes a sticky, crunchy mousse, do they?), its texture can feel off–putting, But, in fact, it’s not a mousse: it’s a new ‘dry foam’ that disappears into the hair when you apply it right. 

So, in this video, I show you exactly how much to use, how to apply it (hint: you can put away your brushes), how to work it through your hair – and how to get instant volume and face–framing shape. If you’ve got fine, flat hair, I just know you’re going to love it. 

Love, Luke x