We’ve all heard plenty of hair myths but the real question is are they actually true?

Can split end products actually help split ends?

In truth, no. Once the ends are split then there is no rescuing them. Split end products and oils can reduce the look of dry hair and reduce the ends from breaking however they will not get rid of the split ends. The only way to do this is by having your hair cut.

Does running your hair under cold water make it shiny?

It may definitely wake you up in the morning and will leave you feeling fresh when you leave the house and it may make your hair just that bit shiner but that is about it! Sorry to bring bad news.

Does trimming your hair regularly make it grow faster

Hair grows about half an inch per month whether you are going to have it cut or not. Having your hair cut regularly means that it will reduce the amount of split ends making the appearance of your hair more healthy, however it won’t make your hair grow any faster!

Should you wash your hair everyday?

It is completely up to you when and how often you wash your hair. However washing it everyday will remove your hair’s natural oils and proteins which will dry it out. This may mean that you use more products which will then lead to you having to wash it more often – vicious cycle! It is best to wash it twice a week if you can manage!

If you pluck one grey hair will several go to its funeral?

Ridiculous! Each hair follicle can reproduce after being plucked regardless of the colour but plucking out grey hairs is a bad idea as doing this too much can cause bald spots, so be warned!