We always say that there’s a bob for everyone. From the Flicked-Out Bob to Curly Bobs, The Italian Bob, The French Girl Bob – we could go on…

Yet now, there’s not just bob for everyone. There’s a bob that suits pretty much anyone. Meet The Chunky Bob: the easiest, most universally flattering way to wear a bob. Perfect for bob novices; idea for bob aficionados. It's the one everyone's asking for in our flagships right now – and here’s why it’ll look great on you…

"The Chunky Bob is all about creating a little heaviness at the ends. The balance between the slightly graphic shape and loose, undone texture makes it feel modern, effortless and totally right for now."

– Luke Hersheson.

What is the Chunky Bob?

It's all about the thicker, chunkier ends that lend it that heaviness and create the shape without feeling too perfect (which always makes a look seem dated). After years of tonged, beachy bobs, this new take on a bob feels refreshing and more relevant. 




Who are the A-list references?

Think bob queen Kaia Gerber. Plus, 90s supermodels Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Natalie Portman has rocked a chunky bob; as has American model Cara Taylor.




How is it cut?

Unlike other bobs, our stylists will always cut the Chunky Bob with scissors – not a razor. We keep it straight (meaning one-length) at the back and take it slightly shorter at the front to give it a great, face-framing shape that accentuates your jawline. The lack of layers in favour of a denser, more graphic look feels youthful and can help fine hair look fuller. 




How should I style it?

The cut should do the hard work for you. We love our Chunky Bobs with a loosely blow dried natural texture (as the lightest and fastest dryer around, The Great Hairdryer will have yours dry in a matter of moments). Be sure to prep your hair with Zhoosh Foam followed by Almost Everything Cream to prevent frizz and create volume. If you’re more of an air-dry kind of person, The Great Hair Clips in The Great Air Dry Kit help you achieve face-framing shape without needing to style your hair at all. A final flick to one side adds height and shape to the front, so you and your Chunky Bob are ready to go.