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Want to know a secret? That contrary to beauty myth, hair extensions needn’t tug, thin or in any way damage your natural hair. Because our human hair extensions work in a flash, look super natural and are of the very best quality. Meaning you get the hair you want. Here’s the 411 on why the best hair extensions really are good for your hair.

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The best human hair extensions give you fullness – not just length

We tend to use sets like our 10 Piece Human Hair Extensions Clip Ins not simply to make hair longer – but to add some serious fullness. Call it oomph; call is the zhoosh, call it volume, attitude, or sass. Either way, you are just minutes from getting the thick, glossy hair you want.


10 Piece Human Hair Extensions Clip In Set - £146


Clip In hair extensions make your blow dry last longer

Our human hair extensions go through several processes long before they become your secret weapon: they’ve been stripped, coloured and treated, which results in the cuticle opening. With the cuticle open, the effects of heat last longer. So your blow dry, wavy tong or glassy straight hair last longer – all without damaging your own hair.


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Hair extensions can give you colour and condition

We designed our 10 Piece Balayage Human Hair Extensions Clip In Set, so that they're able to do the double. Simply by adding a strip here and there, you can go a smidge lighter at the ends, get an ombre effect and get that cool, beachy vibe – all without taking the permanent colour plunge.


They hide a bad cut while your hair grows

We know that a great cut is the basis of getting Great Hair. Unfortunately, not all salons share our ethos – and that's when mistakes (read: nightmares) are made. But, when you've had a bad cut, and your layers are all dodgy, our Original Clip In 100% Human Hair Extensions will cover your dirty little secret, giving you a glorious full mane, while your natural hair gets on with the business of growing.


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Original Clip In 100% Human Hair - £35


Clip Ins give your pony swing

We’ve never been fans of a spindly pony – and we’re quite sure you’re not either. A little something like our Human Hair Invisible Pony will add weight and fullness that rescues your pony from its limpness – and instead, puts the spring back in its step.


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Human Hair Invisible Ponytail - £90


Ready to get Great Hair in a Clip In a flash? Don't let us hold you up.