We've all had that feeling of wanting to turn the page, get a fresh start – and chop our hair off. No matter whether you’re a bob lifer or love long hair, there’s something symbolic about cutting off those lengths, throwing caution to the wind and feeling the cool breeze on our newly naked neck. It feels utterly liberating. And also, slightly terrifying.

Yet, while most of us chicken out of getting a Pixie Crop, model Jean Campbell recently took the plunge with Luke Hersheson, who has been working with her for almost a decade.

So, how does this new Pixie work? And – most importantly – will it look good on you, too?

For inspiration, Luke turned to pictures of Linda Evangelista in the ‘90s, Edie Sedgwick, and even Sienna Miller when she played Edie.

“We wanted to do something that felt soft and feminine and not graphic and hard. Kind of like when you put your hair up and leave all the front out—there is a feeling of being short, but it's still soft and playful,” says Luke.

“I couldn’t be happier with the look,” says Jean. “Now I know I don’t need long hair to feel great. In fact, it almost makes me feel more of a woman strangely.”

What to ask for

If the new Pixie feels like the perfect solution to your current hair rut, be sure to ask your stylist to cut it with a razor to keep the ends soft and fluid. Luke left the edges of the cut around Jean’s face slightly longer to frame her features and give her the option of tucking one side behind her ear. 

How do I style it?

A tiny smidgen of Almost Everything Cream applied when your hair is wet is essential for keeping frizz at bay (a fluffy Pixie isn't a great look). It'll also give your hair that piecey, separated texture that lends this look effortless shape. We like to part our Pixies slightly off-centre to create that cute, gamine finish.

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