Summer’s not gone, but we’ve got that back to school vibe. Which means that we’re somewhere between summer and autumn, in the limbo land that is early September. So, what to do with your hair? Beachy waves seem a bit done. Something more polished and winter-y, too premature by far. So, lets get ready to limbo…

Get the new fall length

As you know, we’re absolute sticklers for the belief that having Great Hair starts with getting a Great Cut. The mistake we often make when we feel a bit fidgety and the leaves start to fall, is to go for something too drastic. The New Fall Cut is more of a tweak than a total transformation – because that’s what the transeason demands. So, aim for a length that sits a smidge below your collarbones. Even if your hair is a little too short and you need to grow it out, ask your stylist to “dust” your dry summer ends anyway, and you’ll be on the right track to get Great Fall Hair.

hairstyles autumnautumn 2019 hair cut

Twist it up

The great thing about your new length is that it looks cool and undone down; a little chicer and more pulled together when you’re having one of *those* mornings and you need to fling it up and get out of the house on the double.

autumn updo twist hair

This autumn is all about working with your natural texture – rather than straightening or tonging the bejesus out of it. So curly or straight, pull it into a low pony, wind it into a loose twist and pin in place with grips or these handy Mini Clips.

Rock the fall fringe

We’ve talked you through fringes before. But here’s a refresher course just for Autumn. Fringes give you a brand, shiny new, back to school option – without needing to sacrifice all-over length. Perfect for seasonal limbo land is what we like to call a “no fringe”: it’s a fringe in that it frames the face with a shorter section at the front, yet can still be brushed out of the way and tucked behind your ears, when you’re not feeling the full fringe-y vibe.

Pick the right product

Is it just us, or is it easier to spring out of bed at the sound of your alarm in summer – but all too easy to hit snooze once autumn/winter starts to draw in? Something about the seasonal change throws our body clock out of whack, and we seem to have less morning prep time to spare. Picking the right hair product will prove your saviour, when it comes to beating the frizz from autumn showers – and doing so STAT.





It’s really as simple as this: shower and squeeze the water out of your hair. Smooth 1-2 drops of hydrating, smoothing, frizz-fighting Almost Everything Cream into your hair. Then wrap it in a towel to pat down those strays while you do your makeup. Skip on by that tiresome styling routine and simply leave it to air dry, knowing it’ll be soft and smooth later on. Just don’t blame us if you turn up early to work, now that you’ve got all that time to spare.


Add an accessory

We love an accessory any day, or time of year. Yet, while laissez-fair headscarves and wraps seem bang on point on the beach, the autumn transition calls for something a tad more polished. Ace autumn hair by adding a Syd pin (chic), Anthropologie’s Faux Pearl Slides (retro vibes) or J. Crew’s Beaded Barrette in Rainbow Mini Stripe (super cute).

syd pin hair accessory 2019

Beachy waves – get outta town. Let’s book your New Fall Cut right now.