There was a stir in the hair scene this week. Introducing Hair Fillers, the revolutionary hair technique now available in our Harvey Nichols salon. Featured in ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘Heat Magazine’, Hershesons once again paves the way for modern hair culture.

What are Hair Fillers?

Hershesons’ Hair Fillers are not your typical run of the mill extensions. The ultra tiny extensions added to limp hair are designed to boost volume rather than length. The result - hairline is re-booted, the ends of the hair are noticeably thicker, fuller and more youthful; it’s your hair but better. Lasting for as long as three or four months, it’s the perfect answer for those looking for a long-term solution to thin, weakened hair.

What to Expect

Hersheson Stylist, Hadley Yates, carefully assesses each client’s personal needs during the consultation, before tailoring the ‘filling’ to each individual. He uses a mixture of colour-matched hair to ensure smooth blending, and only ‘fills’ where hair is lacking to achieve a noticeable yet natural look, a method which is proving popular with those who have already experienced the service. ‘My clients are leaving noticeably more confident with a bounce in their step’, said Hadley, ‘it’s like they have a new lease of life which is so great to see.’ This fuss-free express service only takes one hour. Costs from £150 + cost of hair for Tapes, and £325 + cost of hair for Bonds. Book a consultation with Hadley at our Harvey Nichols salon today