So your roots are down to your ears - or maybe you’ve taken drastic box dye action. Either way, your colour is getting heartily sick of the sight of itself in the mirror.

Stop. Breathe. Have a snack.

This week on Instagram is all about COLOUR – and we’re here to make yours GREAT again.


Monday 4th May

How to use different root touch-up products with @Alexe. Head over to @Hershesons main feed.

Tuesday 5th May

Everything you need to know about toning shampoos with @Jamesjustnow. Head over to @Hershesons main feed.

Wednesday 6th May

Hershesons' hair colour inspiration. Head over to @Hershesons stories.

Thursday 7th May

In conversation with @Lukehersheson and colour experts @Jenna8097, @Jasonpottercolour and @Hairpaintingbymaxine. Head over to @Hershesons IGTV.

Friday 8th May

How to apply a root tint for your hairline with @Alexe. Head over to @Hershesons main feed.